Adaptive Strategy Management

An Architects Perspective
Increasing levels of detail, specificity and involvement as the design moves forward.

Through Adaptive Strategy Management - Andrew and his team each bring more than 25 years of strategic management and executive leadership gained as executives with G.E, AT&T, & others and leading multiple large scale client  engagements as the Strategy Practice Leaders for The North Highland Company.


Our Firm

Our Philosophy

Strategy Management is complex, but that cannot be an excuse for chaos.

Strategy itself is lifeless until the organization engages in it and brings it to life in their daily work.

When the entire landscape of strategy management is understood, strategy can be integrated into the organizational DNA.

Architecting Your Strategy

Our firm is uniquely qualified to support both small emerging organizations and large complex organizations in their  ongoing efforts to create, execute and manage strategy results.

We also partner directly with other consultancies that desire to offer this expertise through their client services.