‚ÄčExperience gained through an extensive base of both industry and client engagement roles that can now be leveraged into both small and large businesses and consulting partners. 

Tim Johnson

‚ÄčLead Practitioner

25 Years of leadership and development. 



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Adaptive Strategy Management, LLC knows that strategy execution is more than creating a powerful story - we  know it must be woven into the daily behaviors of every employee if it is to be realized. 

Andrew Mayfield

Founder and Lead Practitioner

25 Years of leadership and development. 

Healthcare, Advanced Technologies, Media & Entertainment, Financial Services, Wealth Management, & Pharmaceutical

  • Cancer Research Institute focused on Patient Experience and Research Management (see case study on Services page).
  • Large Pharmaceautical Company focused on Commercial Excellence.
  • Emerging Disease Management Company focused on expansion of existing capabilities
  • Large Media & Entertainment Company focused on Ten Year Customer Experience Journey and Capital Portfolio Rationalization.
  • Emerging Complex Medical Imaging Company focused on Innovation Leadership and Quality.
  • Large Services Company focused on Operational Excellence and Customer Retention.
  • Emerging Healthcare High Technology Integrator focused on Operational Excellence and Market Growth.
  • Large Consumer Goods Packaging Company focused on Customer Relationship Management and Customer Service Excellence.

Industries Applied and Selected Cases

The Adaptive Framework is a comprehensive approach that looks across the entire landscape of strategy and organizational needs and then integrates the crucial tools and methodologies required to engage the entire organization in the creation, execution, management,  and realization of your strategy.

This Framework is especially designed so that it equally meets the strategic needs of the small fast growing organization, as well as the large complex mature organization.

The Adaptive Framework leverages the following methodologies, frameworks and models:

  • Strategy Execution Framework - Stanford's Advanced Project Management Program
  • The Balanced Scorecard & Strategy Map - Kaplan & Norton
  • Reinventing your Enterprise - Jack Bergstrand, Peter Drucker
  • The Human Dynamic of Change - Dr. Francis Duffy 
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